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About Greater Vision Uganda

Our Founding Story

My name is Suzan Rickett.

I was born and raised in Uganda under harsh conditions. I didn’t have a secure place to lay my head, and I often went to sleep on an empty stomach. 

Then, a couple from Canada visited my village. They offered me one of the biggest gifts I’ve ever received: an education.


They offered to sponsor me and pay for my education, which opened up doors of opportunity and empowered me to raise myself up and find a path to success.


Since then, giving that same gift of education and opportunity to less fortunate children has become my passion. I believe every child deserves a shot at a bright future and the empowerment to overcome the many roadblocks they face. 


Over the past 5 years, I’ve had amazing opportunities to give directly to those in need on an individual basis, but I wanted to expand. So in 2020, we founded Greater Vision International and its first endeavor, Greater Vision Uganda.

Today, my daily life as a mother of three and a licensed nurse feeds my passion to provide education, nutrition, and healthcare to Ugandan children. My life goal is to help those who need it and show others how they can help as well.

Education and opportunity helped me escape the vicious cycle of poverty that runs rampant in Uganda.

Now, I’m dedicated to giving young people the same gift I was given so they too can see a greater vision for their future!

Children in Uganda

According to UNICEF, 56% of Ugandan children are living in households below the poverty line and are deprived of six or more things or activities that the majority of Ugandans consider to be essential.*

This means a shocking 11,572,266 Ugandan children are living in poverty and heart-breaking deprivation by local standards.


Lack of Education

Most impoverished Ugandan children will never set foot in a classroom or receive any opportunity to advance their lives. This deprivation perpetuates generational cycles of poverty, depression, and substance abuse.

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Food Poverty

Poor children in Uganda struggle to access just one meal a day. Many are forced to dig in their neighbors’ gardens or lay bricks just to earn enough to pay for food.

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Limited Access to Healthcare

Many of these children suffer from untreated health problems. Lack of transportation to medical facilities and no money to pay for treatment prevent them from getting the care they need.

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Our greater vision!

We are implementing a plan to accomplish the following in the rural village of Sogolelo, Uganda:

  • Provide K-12 education with two healthy meals every school day

  • Offer much-needed health education to all families in the village

  • Launch a vocational school to prepare students for well-paying careers

  • Build a medical clinic to provide basic healthcare and faster transport to hospital services

Beyond our work in Uganda, we formed Greater Vision International as an umbrella to allow us to expand to other countries in the future.


We are committed to empowering young people to rise above physical, mental, and economic challenges and see a greater vision for their future!


"I am inspired by the work of our colleague, Suzan Rickett. She and her husband, Joel, began an incredible and inspiring mission in 2019 to build a school called Greater Vision Academy in Suzan's home village of Sogolelo. Her amazing story began when a family from Canada sponsored her and gave her the gift of education when she was 13 years old. ... She found it her life's mission to give back, to give the greatest gift of education to these children, the same gift she received as a child. I am inspired by and in admiration of Suzan's dedication, her passion, and her humanity."

Renata Young, PA

How your support will be used

Financial support is used to fund educational services (including books, supplies, and uniforms), meal preparation, and medical services and transportation for children and families in Sogolelo, Uganda.

We’re also prepared to meet with your team to discuss more targeted partnerships or initiatives.

Your organization can participate in our inspiring mission by providing:


  • Financial support

  • Time and expertise

  • Promotion and visibility

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